One week fishing holiday on the Norwegian Klaralven river (up to 12 people), sleeping in 2 lakeside cabins.
We take bookings until March 10th 2017 – limited number of places available.

Even if you are a not a big fishing fan, it should be a great opportunity to meet some interesting people.

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Cabin Flyzone

The rental cabin on the Gjerfloen Flyfishing area, the Fly zone cabin, is located on the east bank in the middle of the fly zone. From the cabin you have a wonderful view over the river. This cabin is built to meet the special needs of fly fisher men.

A private toll road is passing near by the cabin. This road is duty free for the guests staying at the cabin and for those who have the Gjerfloen fly zone fishing licenses.


The well known Swedish flyfisherman and author, Bengt Öste, wrote this in the logbook after his visit at this place in October 2000…

” -Few places are so well built to meet rising high water. Few places are so adjusted to repairing the waders. But there are fewer than few places like here, that you can count rising graylings at breakfast.”


  • was built in 2000


  • is situated within the fly zone area on the east side of the Trysil river, 3 km south of Plassen. From the cabin it is 50 meters to the bank and free view over the river

Floor space:

  • 45 m2
  • energy supply (12 Volt)
  • solar energy and gas
  • warm and cold water


  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 rooms with 2 beds in each and 1 room with four beds


  • kitchen range (gas, 4 cooking spots, oven, barbeque)
  • fridge with a small freezer
  • complete equipped for 6 persons


  • combined wood burning stove/open fireplace

The cabin has a combined dining room and sitting room.


  • bathroom with shower and washstand
  • outdoor WC

Out door open fireplace/barbeque and table/chairs built over with a roof.


Cabin Landsjøen

The rental cabin at the lake Landsjøen is the most wonderful spot, located 15 metres from the bank of the lake Landsjøen. 3 bedrooms and 6 beds. This cabin is a good choice for families with children. The quality of the brown trout in this lake is outstanding. Two rowing boats are placed here at your disposal.


You can go fishing for brown trout and perch from a boat or a belly boat, while you through swarms of may flies can watch your children at the cabin on the beach.

Landsjøen is a high quality brown trout lake in the south east of Norway, located east of the Trysil river. Season for may fly hatching is June and July.

Season for brown trout fishing: June – August. Boats with motor engines are not allowed on this lake.

August is season for mushrooms and blue berry.


Landsjøen is an exceptionally beautiful place, perfect for those who want to spend the summer holiday in calm nature, and peaceful forest surroundings. The lake is 2,1 km long and 1 km wide, 500 m above sea level. The lake is located 10 km from Plassen east of the Trysil river.

Productivity and regulations

Landsjøen lies on very productive soil. The water is clear and the lake is very fertile. This water therefore produces trout and perch of outstanding quality. The high quality of the fish also shows a population in good balance. This indicates that reasonable regulations have been practiced over a long time. Only sports fishing with rods are allowed. Fishing with nets has been forbidden for more than 40 years. Boat engines not allowed.


Here you can catch wild brown trout of superb quality, average weight 1 kg. You can also catch very nice perch, normal size: 100 – 400 grams. Perches more than 1 kgs are caught every year. Here are also minnow and burbot. Pike does not exist in this lake.


  • 15 meters from the bank
  • Pier
  • 2 boats
  • 3 bedrooms, 6 beds
  • Combined diningroom/sittingroom with coffeetable sofa and chairs
  • Combined wood burning stove/open fireplace


  • Kitchen range(gas, 4 cooking spots), fridge with a small freezer
  • Complete equipped for 8 persons


  • Bathroom with shower and washstand
  • Outdoor WC

Energy supply:

  • Solar energy (12 Volt) and gas
  • Warm and cold water
  • Terrace (25 m2) with outdoor table/8 chairs
  • Out door barbeque

Price is 300 euros/person/week

40 euros for guiding /hour for a group up to 4 people

Fishing gear can be rented

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“In cod we trust” 

Fishing and fishing related activities are part of the Norwegian lifestyle. Their ancestors were great boat builders, made great discoveries and conquered by boat. The people of Norway feel a connection to the water, they love going out fishing, sailing.

For the fisherman Norway is a treasure trove, they has countless, lakes, rivers and fjords where the angler can catch the big one.

You can try your luck in thousands of lakes, rivers and streams angling for wild trout, grayling, pike, powan and arctic char. Or you could go for a different kind of experience along the wild, rugged and largely unspoiled coastline.

If you prefer saltwater fishing, the sea is packed with a variety of big fish, from mackerel to cod to sea trout. Thanks to the cold and clear waters and a strong focus on sustainability, the Norwegian seas have abundant stocks of many fish. With a coastline longer than the equator and opportunities for catching cod of record breaking proportions, chances are you will get hooked on sea fishing in Norway.


Best destinations for angling

In general, you will be able to fish at nearly any point on the seemingly endless Norwegian coastline of about 25.000 kilometres (more than 100.000 kilometres when the numerous islands are included). Insiders, of course, have their preferred spots and coastal stretches, and among these are:

The Oslo fjord

The Oslo fjord is an important fishing area with many species and angling possibilities nearly everywhere.

The Kristiansand area

Enjoy the varied and sheltered coastline near Kristiansand . Go summer fishing for a huge range of species.

Fjord Norway (Fjordkysten)

Between Bergen and Alesund. Here you will find traditional fishing villages and islands where fishing still is the main income for locals. Join fishermen on guided tours and they will show you the best fishing spots.

Møre and Romsdal

A great variety of species and many suitable fishing spots from shore. Providing protection for the fjords and inlets in the region, these make it possible to go fishing with relatively small boats all year round. The Atlantic Road, part of the National Tourist Routes, is a good angling point in itself, allowing easy access to the surrounding islands.



From the islands of Hitra and Frøya in the south, via the Fosen peninsula, up to the Namdal coastline and Leka in the north, the thousands of islands and varied coastal scenery of Trøndelag  make for a landscape that is both wild and charming — ideal for anglers.


The meeting point between two fjords and among the world’s strongest tidal currents, located 33 kilometres from Bodø town centre.

The Lofoten islands and Vesterålen

A major fishing area with long traditions. Both The Lofoten islands and Vesterålen offers numerous guided tours by professional fishermen and accommodation in traditional fishing villages.


Finnmark, Troms and The North Cape (Nordkapp)

There are good fishing possibilities all year round in Finnmark, Troms and The North Cape; however, the biggest cods are found here during wintertime. These areas are among the most sought after by insiders. Enthusiasts call Sørøya the kingdom of the big fish.


On to my preferred type of fishing!

norway-atlantic-salmon-steelhead-fishingFly Fishing

Rivers are not just reserved for salmon. For example Norway’s american brook trout record was taken in Mandalselva. A beautiful specimen of 2.3kg or 5lb. There has been observed larger, but not yet caught. Maybe it’ll be you?

Landlocked Salmon (Salmo salar l).

A relic landlocked salmon from the last Ice Age. The fish is so unique, that is only found in 6 waterways in the whole world.

Marble trout variant.

If that’s not enough, then the same waterway houses another unique fish. A brown trout but with Marble Trout markings. The only marble trout variant found outside of the Balkans!

If that’s still not enough, all rivers are generously populated with brown trout, with some fine examples reaching 3-4kg (7-8lbs).

When casting a fly to atlantic salmon, then there are many choices. Depending on conditions and size of river. Mandalselva is easily tamed with a 14’ #9 double hander, others prefer 10’ #7 one handers and others switch rods. 15lb(7kg) – 25lb(9kg) tippets possibly stronger depending on where in the river you are fishing. Lines in accordance with the conditions. Though most fish with floating or float with a fast intermediate front section. When it comes to flies, well the peaty rivers of the south suit oranges, yellows, gold. Ally’s shrimp, thunder and lightning, cascade, sunray shadow, etc.

If you would like to go fishing in Norway please contact us.

If you would like to go fishing with the Epic Fishing Tours team, take a look at this:

One week fishing holiday on the Norwegian Klaralven river (up to 18 people), sleeping in 3 lakeside cabins.
Price is 250 euros/person/week
We take bookings until December 10th – limited number of places available.

Even if you are a not a big fishing fan, it should be a great opportunity to meet some interesting people.

Contact us at

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