Local guides know  the best spots to catch fish in Africa. Next year I want to go to an African fishing tour to catch tiger fish the world’s stingiest fighting fish, or bone fish, every serious angler’s dream.

There are a few places I want to visit on that fishing tour, here are some of them and I will tell you why.

Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa is one of the world’s best for deep sea fishing waters. You can catch big game fish such as Marlin or you can fly fish for Sailfish and Dorado. I want to try the last one, I am a fly fisherman and sounds like a lot of fun

Cape Verde Islands

These islands 380 miles off the African coast are one of the most consistent Blue Marlin catching grounds in the world. I never got a Marlin but I think it’s about time to experience catching this great fish.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape is prime fishing ground. Not only is it one of the best spots to catch Yellow Fin Tuna, often weighing as much as 80 kilograms, but Dorado, and Blue and Mako Sharks are abundent as well.

Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

I would love to fish here for Tiger fish while looking at the local wildlife going by. It is a man made lake but from what I hear that does not take anything away from the awesomeness of this place.

Lake Nassar, Egypt

Here you can catch Giant Vundu, Catfish, Tiger fish, Nile Perch, and Tilapia. The multitude of species and the abundance of fish in this lake makes this place one of the prime fishing destinations in the world.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

There’s good sport fishing year round, some of the best in Africa. Go for Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, and Striped, Blue, and Black Marlin.

Luana, Angola

The world record Atlantic Sailfish was caught here in 1994. Chances are there are others like it and I would love to get one, if I do I will take video and pictures so that I can bragg about it on the internet.


Everything from Black Marlin and Mako Sharks to Skipjack Tuna can be caught off this island in the Indian Ocean. I have a friend here who works as a doctor so if I throw my back out catching big here he will fix me in no time (free of charge)

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