We would like to hear your thoughts on bait boats and fish finders. The following are some points to consider if you are looking to buy a bait boat:

  • Are electronic boats which allow you to drop burley in a certain area or place your line where it would be difficult to cast.
  • Some bait boats also have a fish finder which gives you a digital read out of the concentration of fish under your bait boat.
  • Bait boats are very controversial when it some to carp fishing, some people love them an others hate them. Especially if the bait boat has a fish finder option.
  • Some carp angling purists see it as cheating. Casting your line in a precise spot is one of the most difficult aspects of the sport of carp angling. Using a fish finder can also be considered as not real carp angling.
  • It can be argued that selecting the right spot to place your line is also a skill.
  • Using a fish finder is considered by some as simply using technology to improve your chances of catching fish.
  • The problem is some people who use bait boats think that they can place their line wherever they want. Although they normally have a limited range, some have a range up roughly 300 yards.  As you can imagine this can cause conflict amongst anglers which is far from ideal.
  • They can also be visually distracting and make the environment less peaceful.
  • Personally I think bait boats should only be used occasionally where it is not going to negatively affect other anglers.
  • The above picture is a good example of when a bait boat can be used whilst not upsetting other anglers.

The video below shows a bait boat dropping the rig into the water and unloading burley.

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