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How to tie the perfect bottom bait Carp Fishing Rig

By February 10, 2016 No Comments

Fishing for carp on the bottom is normally a far more successful approach that surface fishing. Here are some things to consider when selecting the right bottom rig for carp angling:

  • The rig that worked well on one lake may not produce good results on another lake. When carp fishing it is not a bad idea to have a backup rig. Just in case your primary rig is not working have the tackle ready to make a new rig. Also snags can happen so having plenty of gear is always best.
  • At the end of the day the perfect rig is one that the fish can’t detect. So the colour of the water and bed of the lake or river can determine whether your rig is detectable.
  • Try and camouflage your sinker and use line which is not too heavy. Both will help your rig to be more stealth like.
  • Using different sized hooks can work wonders, so try two different sized hooks on the rig. If you fish with two rods use different sized hooks for each rod.
  • It is good to try these two different rigs (click on the image above) which allow you to fish on the bottom of the river bed and slightly off of the ground. Normally carp will feed from right off of the mud. If you use the “Confidence Rig” it will move your bait slightly off the ground. So your bait may stand out more and move around a potentially attracting the fish. Angling for carp is all about trying different techniques until you find that the best technique which works for you on the day.

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