• It’s better to spend one hour fishing in the right place than to waste 48 hours fishing in the wrong place just because it happens to be convenient.
  • So take a walk along the bank of the river or walk around the lake. Look for spots where you think the carp would congregate. So fish near a tree or where you can see the roots of the tree. They also like are which contains weed and secluded bays. Look for bubbles or fish jumping and in the summer you may even see the carp on top of the water.
  • This was the spot I chose to fish on the River Murray and we could plenty of fish. I had to resist casting out into the middle of the river and cast my line close to the tree where there were numerous fish.
  • Make sure you choose a spot where you feel relaxed and happy. Part of the joy of fishing is appreciating the surrounding environment. By choosing an excellent spot it gives you the will power to fish for a long period of time. In turn this increases your chances of catching carp.
  • Please let us know aboput your favourite carp fishing spots.

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