In early March I was in South Australia visiting the family and fishing so I can add some new content to the blog. I decided to go fishing at Port Willunga in Adelaide next to an aquatic reserve. It is illegal to fish in the aquatic reserve and the fine is $5000. My thought was next to the aquatic reserve there should be plenty of fish. The only problem was that there was too much seed weed so it did not take long to get a snag and break my line. That may it virtually impossible to fish with a sinker.

So I gave up fishing the bottom of the sea and moved to a float. I was able to get a few small Tommy Ruffs which was great, however I decided to release them as they were only small. There is no legal size limit on Tommy Ruffs however it is nice to release fish especially when they are small.

If you want to try float fishing from the beach make sure you use a very buoyant and highly visible float with plenty of weight attached to it. Then you will be able to cast the float a considerable distance and still be able to see the float.

I really had an enjoyable day as the weather was good and the fishing spot was really beautiful and protected from the wind. So it made for a pleasant, relaxing day fishing. The image below is where I was fishing. You can see the remnants of the old Port Willunga jetty.


I was considering moving down to the main beach however there were more people in this area and the atmosphere was not as good. As you can see from the picture below this spot consists of a sandy beach if you do not cast your line too far.


So it made me think what is the perfect spot to fish on the beach? Please share your thoughts below and if possible include an image of your favorite fishing spot:


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