Ask me where I want to go fishing and my answer will be Slovenia. Last year in May I was trying to decide where to go fly fishing. I looked at Google Maps, went on fishing forums studied some travel guides and decided to go fishing in Slovenia. It was the best decision I made that year.

I found accommodation in Most na Soci and went out for a beer in the local pub. The people were friendly so I decided to ask them where would be the best spot to go fishing. I got so many answers I could not decide. The bartender said  “if you want to catch big fish and lots of them go out fishing with Aleksander, he knows the best spots”. I got his contact info and gave him a call.

Next day I didn’t know what to expect, they guy sounded old on the phone, I was hoping I am not getting an oldtimer, I did not want to have to look out for him all day. Suddenly a young man comes up to me and asks me “are you Tibi?” . I said yes and he turned out to be Aleksander.

slovenia-2We got in the car and he pointed me in the right direction to go down to the river, we parked the car and he told me we need to walk for about 20 minutes to get to the best spots for fishing. As I was walking on the bank I noticed a few fishermen, they were catching fish but they were not too big. I asked my guide, is that what I should expect? He smiled and said “ if you don’t catch big fish today, I will give you your money back”. Hearing him say that made me feel assured that we are going to an awesome spot.

Finally we got to the spot, it was like out of a postcard, it looked amazing. Started setting up my gear and as I was sitting there I saw that the fish were feeding. I was ready to put on the dry fly but he said, let’s do some nymphing, the big one will be below. He gave me one of his nymphs and we started fishing. Not 3 minutes in, I got my first strike, powerful, I felt it’s a good one, I immediately thought my tippet might not be strong enough for these fish. I got lucky, got a nice big rainbow, beautiful colors and a very good fighter, it was an awesome experience to get him in the net. This was just the beginning, I got 28 fish that day, more than half were big ones, I was starting to feel exhausted. I looked at Aleksander and I think he saw that I was tired, he said we can head back anytime I want to. I was tempted but as always I said just one more cast.

slovenia-4After about 30 minutes of last casts, on the other bank 3 beautiful Slovenian girls appeared out of nowhere. They were  waving at us. I am not a gorgeus man and I look kind of old so I looked behind me to see who they’re waving at. They were waving at me. That felt good, they were shouting something and I asked Aleksander to translate. Turns out that the girls and their friends were camping near by and they were asking us to catch them a few fish. All the fish we caught until then were released so we had nothing to give them. Aleksander told them that we will try to get them some rainbows. And so we did we got them 3 fish and by the time we got the fish, the girls came back with 2 ice cold beers. It was the perfect way to end the day, sitting on the bank after a great day fishing and having a cold beer in my hand.

slovenia-3We packed up our gear and headed back to town, I was feeling content and tired. As the sun was going down we got to my hotel and I told Aleksander that this was one of the best fishing trips of my life. We got some nice fish, we chatted up some nice girls and we got a cold beer for our efforts. I decided to use his services again and for the four days I was there he guided me every day.

Slovenia was an awesome experience for me and I hope that if you read my story you will be tempted to go as well. If you decide you want to try it contact me and I will make sure you will get the best fishing trip of your life.

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