Rivers, lakes and the Adriatic Sea, what more can a fisherman ask for? Considered having one of the most beautiful shore lines in Europe, Croatia really takes the cake when it comes to offering all a fisherman wants.

Inland Croatia offers beautiful rivers and lakes where you can go fishing and the fish are amazing here. In the fresh waters of Croatia you will catch trout on the fly, pike, catfish, carp. The rivers and lakes are rich in fish and even novice anglers can get the catch of a lifetime here.

croatia-swordfishOn the Adriatic coast you fill find charter boats that are willing to take you out fishing, but as the Epic Fishing Tours team found out not all the captains know the best places to catch fish. We went on a few fishing boats and did not catch anything. So it is essential to choose your guide wisely.

croatia-bluefin-tunaIn the Adriatic you can get big game fish like bluefin tuna,  shark, swordfish, amberjack.

croatia-amberjackCroatia has a lot to offer as a holiday country. Think about the beautiful landscape and the varied nature. Idyllic cities and villages with tiny shops and eating-houses. Pleasant harbors with typical boats. Beaches that go on for miles. And the lovely and bright Adriatic sea.

It is a great destination if you want to take the family for a vacation and you want to sneak in a few days of fishing.

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