Last week I was in Port Julia in South Australia with my family. It is about two hours drive from Adelaide and the town is like a ghost town. Almost no people and no shops so it was a chance to really kick back and relax.

I got a chance to go fishing at the local Jetty with my 7 year old nephew. This was the first time he had gone fishing for squid and fortunately I was able to catch three squid. Here is a picture of the squid I caught, sorry not the best photo was rushing to prepare the squid for cooking so they would be super fresh. They tasted delightful and made a great entree for the four of us.


After trying really hard to help him he catch his first squid without luck he said that fishing with me was one of the highlights of the trip. It is always good to encourage kids to try fishing, especially if they are part of your family.

Fishing on a jetty can be really fun as you normally get a chance to chat with some local fisherman and a few tourists. I was able to have a few laughs with the people fishing on the jetty and hear some of their fishing stories. Plus see a sting ray and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Please share your stories about fishing on jetties.

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