In 2013 when I was in Australia visiting my family I went on a fishing tour. I was really excited to go fishing with my dad, his girlfriend and my wife. So we went to Kangaroo Island which is a little island off the coast of South Australia and went on a fishing tour.

After catching a few squid from the jetty we thought with the assistance of the expert fisherman and a boat we should catch plenty of fish and even some whiting. Kangaroo Island is renowned for pure clean water that has not been over fished. So it is a great place to go fishing.

The tour was really enjoyable and we even got the chance to see some dolphins up close to the boat. We had plenty of laughs and shared some great stories with the crew.

Unfortunately we only caught three fish for the day and one of them was a whiting. The problem was that the tour did not appear to be run by expert fisherman and therefore it reduced our chances of catching fish. It seemed that they had no plan B, fishing is all about trying different tactics if you are not catching enough fish.

Of course you are never guaranteed of catching fish however you like to go on fishing tours with professional fisherman to maximise your chances of catching some quality fish.

So it inspired me to start researching and writing Epic Fishing Tours eBooks which review the best fishing tours in Europe. I chose Europe as I live in Budapest, Hungary and plenty of surrounding countries which have awesome fishing. My goal is to write eBooks outlining the best fishing tours in Europe and in time the rest of the world including Australia.

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