One of the most beautiful places to fish in Europe is the Czech Republic. Here you can find something for everyone. From absolutely stunning carp and pike lakes to maybe the best salmonid fishing in Europe. The Epic Fishing Tours team (myself and Mark Lewis), went fishing on the Otava river near the town of Susice. Absolutely perfect fishing day.

I am a keen fly fisherman and for me it was always a dream to go fishing for trout and grayling in the Czech Republic. My dream came true this year at the beginning of September. The abundance of fish in these rivers is unimaginable. We got grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout. Mark, for whom it was the second time fly fishing, got some beautiful fish (I know he will turn from carp fishing to fly fishing after this and he is thinking about getting professional fly fishing gear).

Our host was Jan Siman, one of the people we work with on the fishing tours and we wanted to assess the quality of the fishing tour. The small town where we met has an awesome atmosphere, you feel like you are home, the local hotel will satisfy your needs of comfort and it feels like the people there already know you. The local guides speak perfect English, some of them speak German also so it will be easy for you to speak with them and to get the local knowledge.

The fishing trip includes the following:

  • 6x full guiding day at Otava tiver (optionally Tepla Vltava river), provided by Jan Siman or another local expert fly fisherman
  • 7x overnight stay bed and breakfast
  • 7x lunch packet
  • 7x three course dinner
  • 1x one year state fishing license
  • 1x one week fishing permit for Otava river
  • 1x box of 12 local flies
  • 1x one evening fly tying with Jan Siman
  • tuition – fly casting, Czech Nymphing, etc.
  • wellness (if youchoose to stay at Hotel Chateau Hradek)
  • free wifi

The fishing tour does not include:

  • transport costs
  • fishing permit for Vltava river (20 Eur/day)
  • travell and personal insurance

But as I said there are other fish to go for in the Czech Republic. In the lakes I mentioned you can find :

Carp: There are several types of carp regularly fished. Most common are the common carp and the grass carp. Both varieties can be taken with boilies (pre-made pellets), boiled potatoes and corn kernels. Carps require patience, so it’s good to have some poles to set your rod on and wait. Carp learn how not to be caught because they are often caught and released, so you may have to adjust your technique at different ponds. Two common variants of the common carp are the Mirror Carp, so called because its scales resemble mirrors and the leather carp, which is almost totally scaleless. Carp is by far the most popular sport fish in the Czech Republic.

Chub: This member of the Cyprinidae family requires less patience. The chub also known as chevin or pollard and to locals as (river pig), will literally take anything and tends to bite quickly if it’s around. Personally, I’ve found that fishing with flies for chub is great fun some people tell me that  cherries work like a treat, so if you have an excess of cherries after the summer, now you know what to do with them. Boilies, bread, grasshoppers and worms also work.  For the chub, you will need a flexible rod. In the summer it is a good time for this fish because it likes the heat.

Trout: I will focus on the endemic brown trout, but you can also find rainbow and brook trout here. This fish is particularly fond of the clean oxygen-rich cool to cold water of mountain streams. However, you can find them in rivers lower down. Trout does put up quite a fight, so you’ll need a strong line and a rod that is flexible. Fly-fishing is only one way to land trout and is a technique that takes some practice. The best time to go for trout is sunset or sunrise, and the best time period to catch these fish is the beginning of October till November and in the colder winter months, best way to catch them in my opinion is Czech Nymphing.

Grayling: The grayling (Thymallus Thymallus) species are distinguished from other members of the salmon family by their larger scales, their small mouths with teeth on the maxillary bone, and most striking of all, their showy, sail-like dorsal fins. This fin is something beautiful to behold, it is longer in males and highly colorful, with spots of red, orange, purple or green. The body is also colorful; the dorsal surface is a dark purplish to bluish black or gray, grading to dark blue or silver gray on the flanks and gray or white on the belly. The body is further decorated with a smattering of small dark spots; these are much more numerous in juveniles. It is a great fish to catch, Czech Nymphing recommended as the method of fishing.

Pike:  This predatory fish is probably as much fun as fishing for trout because of their size and fearsome appearance and reputation. Better still, with a pike you can set up your line on poles as you would for carp, but baited with fish – live or dead. Lures also work well, especially something that flashes. It is said pike bite all day, but if it’s really hot, they’ll probably be at the bottom toward the center – which is okay if you have a boat. If you’re on the shore morning and evening are better times.

Zander: or the pike-perch, is another popular game fish here. It can be found in slow moving and even murky water. With this fish, you can use live or dead bait or lures. However, you can’t just set up the rod and wait. The pike-perch is notoriously cautious and so you have to give it your full attention.

Catfish: If size matters to you, then this is the fish you want to go after. The catfish usually can reach a length of more than 2 meters. For me, I don’t see much point. The fish is really fatty and the bigger ones are basically inedible. However, if you are interested, now is a good time as the fish is meant to be good to catch on dark humid nights. The recommended bait is live fish.

So if you think of going out fishing in the Czech Republic, fill out our form and we will give you the best deals, set you up with fishing permits and accommodation if you so wish it, fishing packages tailored to your requirements, just ask and we will do everything to make the trip a dream come true for you.

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