Fly Fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia has a lot to offer if you are thinking of taking a fishing trip there. Slovenia can offer you alpine waters, crystal clear subalpine waters and wonderful chalk streams. The nature is amazing here, you can fish in alpine surroundings, you can choose to fish in waters that run through old forests or you can go fishing in Mediterranean landscapes.

The fish are big and there are lots of them. My advice to you is go for the Marble Trout (Salmo Marmoratus). The marble trout is endemic to the Adriatic region. In 1982 a campaign to save the marble trout was launched with intensive stocking of pure marble trout. It is now again the dominant species in the upper Soča. It’s numbers are increasing in the Idrijca, Bača, Reka, Tolminka and other rivers.

If you are after grayling, you will find it here. It’s not a huge fish. The average size is 30 – 40cm, but it can grow over 50cm. Grayling compensate for this by being great fighting fish that frequently jump high out of the water! They are also the ideal dry fly fish though they seldom overlook a well chosen and presented nymph.

These rivers can also offer brown trout. The average size for brown trout is 25 – 50cm but it can grow larger in favorable conditions, specially chalk streams like the Krka, Unica and Ljubljanica hold fish exceeding 80cm and weighing more than 5kg. Brown trout respond well to dry flies and nymphs. For large specimens a streamer is an appropriate choice.

The rainbow. Though not a native species  they are present in most Slovenian rivers and also breed naturally in many. In some places they grow to extraordinary sizes and can reach a size of 90cm and exceed 6kg in weight! Especially wild fish and holdover stocked fish are incredible fighters and will test your skills and equipment! They are active most of the time and often save the day when native fish ignore all attempts.

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