Today we are going to write about an advanced fishing technique which can be used to catch more fish in lakes or rivers. Angling enthusiats sometimes use this technique to examine the lake bed if they are fishing at a new fishing spot. If you know the depth of the water and the features under the water you can use this knowledge to determine whether it is worth while fishing location. It is a great technique for those who want to catch carp.

  • Set up the rig with a marker float and a running ring which is attached to a pair shaped lead wait. This enables you to drag the sinker along the ground and feel the contour of the lake bed.
  • You can determine the depth, bottom type for example mud or weed. Also you may be able to detect features such as underwater tree branches. Also you can leave the float in the desired spot and use it a marker as a reference point for casting.
  • The image below shows you how to set up this rig:


  • If you are going to fish near tree roots and the water is not too shallow try using a float rig. Catching fish on a float is fun and it will help you from getting your line snagged.
  • This image below shows how your marker floats can detect various types of lake bed. Once you have detected the desirable bottom type you can stop moving your float and it will be a marker of where you want to cast. You may want to use a handline when using this technique. So you can use your rods for fishing and also you may find it easier to feel the contours of the lake bed.
  • Carp like to spend their time in the weeds and underground tree roots. The same applies for many freshwater species.

You may reead this post and think this is too much effort and not really necessary to catch freshwater fish. However fishing the right spot can really increase your chances of catching more fish. Please let us know whether you have used this fishing technique and if you think it helped you to catch more fish?

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