Below are the different regions in the world where you can fill in our quote form to go on a dream fishing holiday. If you do not find the country you want to go fishing, then click on “Worldwide Fishing Tours” and you will be taken to our fishing holiday form which lists all countries.

There is no charge to use our service and you are under no obligation to accept any of our quotes, the fishing tour companies pay our commission. Many of our customers also save money using our service and end up going on the perfect fishing holiday. We only recommend the best fishing holidays to our clients. It is a terrible situation paying to go on a fishing tour which is not Epic.

We set up this service as we realized it took considerable time to contact all the fishing holiday operators. Then it can be difficult to communicate with them to plan your ideal fishing vacation. Many fishing holiday sites do not answer their phones, emails are on different time zones. Or they simply take too long to respond to your questions, or they do not provide you with the right information to plan your holiday.

If you run a fishing holiday company and would us to refer you business then contact us. We will then contact you to determine whether you are a company we can recommend to our customers.

Worldwide Fishing Tours

Worldwide Fishing Tours

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How it works?

Fill in the form, this form will help us choose the best providers for your holiday. In the comments section you can tell us if you have any special requirements ( like for example is you are a vegan, we can find you accommodation spots that cater to vegans). After we have done the research for you, we well contact you within 24 hours and provide you with the best deals on fishing trips tailor made to your needs.

We well speak with the fishing tour companies to see which fishing tours are available for your chosen dates. If you need accommodation we can also arrange this for you.

We well let you know your options available and then you have the opportunity to b00k and pay for your epic fishing holiday.

You are under no obligation to book any of the fishing holidays we recommend

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