Lake Como Italy

Fishing in tranquil Lake Como will provide an unforgettable fishing holiday. It is the third largest lake in Italy  and roughly 85 km from Milan. Situated at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

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Getting to Lake Como

The three airports that are near to Lake Como are Milan Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo Orio Al Serio. You can hire car and it will take you roughly an hour and a half to arrive at Lake Como. Also you can get there by bus or train.

Type of Fish you can Catch on Tours

Catch sublime freshwater fish using a variety of fishing techniques. All fishing tours include local licenses, expert guide, transport, fishing equipment and lunch.

You have a good opportunity to catch the following fish on these fishing tours with expert fishing guides:

  • Huge Pike up to 30 kg (66 lbs) are regularly caught in Lago Del Pianno which is a natural reserve which is highly respected by fishing enthusiasts in Italy. The reserve sits between Lake Lugano and Lake Como. These tours are offered between 15th April to the 15th of February.
  • Massive Zander (Walleye) up to 10 kg (22 lbs) are often caught in lake Lugano. Once again you will see breathtaking  scenery. The dates for this fishing tour are 1st of May to the 31st of May.
  • Fly fishing for Trout in Valtellina a trout fishing sanctuary. Situated near world class wine yards, you will be fishing in pristine mountain streams. The season runs between the 15th of January to the 1st of December. So you stand an excellent chance of catching a trout in superb condition.
  • Whitefish and small game fishing at Lake Mezola.

Fishing Holiday Packages

Basic two night packages start at €396 per person and deluxe packages start at €1800 for six nights. You have the following packages to consider, which can be tailored to suit your needs. Children under 13 fish for FREE!

Team of fresh water sport fishing guides are dedicated to providing you with first class service showcasing the best fishing and pristine scenery that Lake Como and The Valtellina offer. They take pride in the preservation and well being of the fish and prefer a catch and release policy where it is not applied.

Depending on season and weather our expert guides will prepare and lend you the fishing equipment needed for that moment.

Please contact us if you would like to enquire or place a booking.

3 Day Trout Fishing tour €396 per person

Available from 13 March-10 December
Fishing Tour availability only on Saturday/Sunday

The full day fly fishing/Spinning excursion includes all equipment, transport, lunch, photos, local licenses. Full day fishing in some of the most spectacular scenery and rivers that the Valtellina has to offer, 100% pristine and beautiful. We will advise you where we are to go fishing depending on fishing skill and fitness level. Some lakes and rivers we can reach by car others can be over an hours walk into the mountains.

The Package Includes:
2 nights in luxury Lake View apartment on Lake Como
1 Trout fishing tour in the Valtellina rivers or Lakes
All equipment
Transport from apartment to fishing grounds
Breakfast on trip day
Lunch on trip day
Italian Cook Book

Whats Excluded:
Airport Transfer
Insurance (Obligatory)

Optional Extras on request:
Airport Transfer from Milan MXP Airport: €144 unto 4 people €216 up to 8 people(each way)
Upgrade in 3 star all inclusive Hotel €144 per room per night
Upgrade in 4 star spa Hotel €216 per room per night breakfast included

Extra Fishing Tours:
Pike (April-November) €173 per person
Trout (available only on Saturday or Sunday) €202
Fish by boat & Lunch €173
Flight booking service 6% of flight costs

3 Day Helicopter Fishing tour €438 per person

Available June July August minimum 2 people

By popular demand, If you have ever wanted to fish in an Alpine lake without having to walk 4/5 hours to get to it this is your chance. Set on the borders of Italy and Switzerland our secret lakes are only known to but a few local fisherman who hike up to them. The lakes are so pristine that the water is drinkable, here you can keep a maximum of 2 fish each. Depending on season and weather our expert guides will prepare the fishing equipment needed for that moment. We will provide every thing you need including local licenses, transport, equipment, local advice, techniques, photos and of course lunch.


Please contact us if you would like to enquire or place a booking.

Summary for Lake Como Fishing Tours

We would like to hear from anyone who has fished at Lake Como. To get you inspired watch this video of a fishing tour at Lake Como.



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