This is a only a short post as all you need to do is pay close attention to the following pictures. These are the two fishing knots which are easy to learn, all you need to do is practise when not under pressure. They are they only knots you will need for the rest of your fishing life.

If you want to try tying a more advanced fishing knot refer to the picture above.

The following two knots are the ones I use and I learnt these knots when I was a child. There are two types of knots that you need to learn when you tie rigs. One is used to tie on your sinker and swivel and sometimes used to tie hooks. The easiest way to learn is to refer to this diagram and practice. This knot is called the “Clinch Knot”:


The second knot allows you to tie a loop and is known as the “Surgeon’s Loop”. In its simplest form this knot is used for forming one or two loops between the swivel and sinker.

Form a circle with the line that almost looks like an ear of a rabbit. Then thread the end the loop end through the ear shape loop three times and pull. Refer to the following diagram:


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