Carp sometimes prefer to feed at night, during the day where there are many anglers it can be difficult to catch carp. The noise and the abundance of bait decrease your chances of catching carp. So at night there is less noise and food which helps you to get more bites.

Get Organized

  • Make sure you have spare tackle in case your line breaks, you may get a snag or a big fish may break the line. It can be a stressful situation trying to set up a new rig next to your camp light.

Bring a torch or lantern

  • Have a good light you can use, nothing worse fumbling around looking for fishing gear or snacks in the dark.
  • Ideally you will have a lantern rather than a torch as it makes life easier.
  • Make sure the torch is not too bright as it scare the fish and only leave it on when you need to.


Shelter and tents

  • It is always a good idea to bring a shelter or bivy (tent), at night it can get cool even in the summer. Plus it is a good way for you to be organized by having all of your fishing gear in the one spot.
  • In summer a shelter is fine but in the winter with unexpected weather conditions it is best to use a bivy. It is not much fun sitting in a car if it starts to rain.


Hot Coffee, Water & Snacks

  • If you are going to be alert through the night a hot coffee can really make a huge difference. Keep yourself replenished with snacks and water.
  • Work out whether you are allowed to have a camp fire or bring a gas burner so you can sit back and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee.


Find markers during the day

  • Carp angling is about casting towards a post which you feel enables you the best chance of catching the most carp. During the daytime look for markers which will also be visible at night. Look for a large tree or where the reeds are abundant. Then when it becomes dark you will have a good idea of where you want to cast in relation to the marker.


Safe landing area

  • Have your landing mat, net and unhooking tool ready before it becomes dark. Keep this away from the rest of your fishing gear to ensure a smooth landing of the fish. If the hook is stuck you can remove this without wasting time.
  • That way you minimize the stress for yourself and the fish. It is always important to treat fish with maximum care. Regardless of whether you intend on eating the fish you caught.


Glow in the dark baits

  • Carp rely on their keen sense of smell for detecting bait. However it is not a bad idea to try an artificial glowing bait for example corn. So if you are not catching fish with your regular bait you can try the glowing bait. Or even better use two rods one with the real bait and the other with the artificial glowing bait. Cast them in similar positions and see which set up produces the best resulst.

Comfortable chair

  • You may end up sitting for long periods over the night so it is well bringing a comfortable chair. It keeps you relaxed and focused helping to ensure you can fish through the entire night.


Dusk and Dawn

  • Use this time to try and locate where the fish are feeding. So look for bubbles and fish jumping. If you are not going to fish through the night make sure you bring an alarm clock so you can start fishing at first light. Even if you feel you may struggle to fish through the night make sure you bring your alarm clock.

Use a bait alarm for night fishing

  • If you are going to maximize your chance of successful at night fishing use a bait alarm. It is too difficult to see the fish biting at night unless the moon is shining and even then it can be difficult to see the bites.
  • Personally I am not a fan of bite alarms during the day as it can disrupt the peace and quiet.
  • After you got to bed be sure to raise the volume of the alarm so it wakes you if you catch a fish.


These are our our top 10 night carp angling tips, please post your top night carp fishing tips. Then this post can be a valuable reference page for all of us who love to fish for carp at night.

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