There has been much debate within the angling community as to the top baits for catching carp. These are our top 5 baits and we would like to here what are your favourite baits for catching carp. You can post your comments below this post.


1. Canned Corn

Corn is, without a doubt, one of the finest baits to use when fishing for carp. The color, texture and taste are incredibly attractive to most common species of carp. Canned corn performs much better than fresh corn, probably because of the flavours and sodium introduced to it.


2. Artifical Corn

Alsmots as good as canned corn, it has the added advantage of being very difficult for carp to remove from the hook. The advantage over real corn is that you can keep the corn on the hook and you then have the confidence that your bait is still on the hook even after you get a few bites that do not result in landing the fish.


3. Boilies

Boilies are a really popular bait for anglers across the UK. There are hundreds of excellent boilie types available to buy from tackle shops. For fishing in the spring summer or autumn try using a fishmeal-based bollie. Ask the salesman at your tackle shop they should be able to recommend the best bollie for your fishing requirements and how to place the boilie to the carp.

The picture below shows the right way to set up to boilie on your hook:


4. Worms

Earth worms are a terrifc live bait for carp fishing as they are a natural bait found in all lakes and rivers. The great thing about worms is they can stay alive on the hook for some time and the movent of the worm attracts the carp. The picture blow shows how you can can keep the worm securly on the hook and alive for a longer period of time. Hooking the worm takes practise and try different methods to see which works best for you.

Also you may like to consider having yoru own worm farm. It can save you money and also be an enjoyable way to collect your own bait.


5. Tiger Nuts

If you are targeting carp this is an ideal bait, carp love Tiger Nuts whilst other fish species dislike this bait. They can be bought over the internet or at tackle or health food shops. They are actually a very health food for humans, so you can use them for catching carp and also as a healthy snack.

Often Tiger Nuts are used to catch large carp, so this is an added bonus of using this bait.

The picture below shows you what to look for when buying Tiger Nuts.


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