There are many things you can do to improve your chances of catching more carp. It can be difficult to know which tips to follow and whether you are giving yourself a good chance to catch a few carp and hopefully a monster carp. We recommend each time you go carp angling to try around 5 of what you feel are the best carp fishing tips and techniques. Otherwise it can end up being an overhelming fishing trip, especially for beginners.

  1. Be patient – Quite often carp will not always hook themselves and they can bite gently. So you need to weight until they bit hard enough you can set the hook.
  2. Pick your spot where you want to fish  – Carp like the spots where they feel safe near reeds and snags. Look for overhanging trees as this is an easy way to locate a new fishing spot. You do not need to cast a long way to catch big carp, people often make the mistake that casting a long way out into the lake or river is the best way to catch carp. Sometimes the big cast is necessary as illustrated in the picture below:



  1. Try using berley – Attracting a school of carp to your fishing spot is a great way to improve your chances of catching carp. You can use a pva bag, sinker with cage attached or even throw the berley towards where you have casted. Try throwing the berley so the scent drifts across your fishing line. Throw a wreed or stick into the water and see which way it moves on the surface of the water, this will give you a good indication where to place your berley. You can buy berley or even make it yourself, I kow from experience that Aniseed pellets work well, you can read about my fishing trip on the Rivery Murray in South Australia where I used Aniseed to great effect to lure the fish into the bay where I was angling.
  1. Experiment with different baits and rigs – I am a bit old school when it comes to fishing carp, like many I love to use the simple approach of cathing carp with sweet corn. There are many different baits you can experiment with including earth worms and bollies. Use one of your fishing rods with two hooks say real corn on the upper hook and a worm on the lower hook. After you catch a few carp you can start to see which bait that you should be using for the day. Also I am a fan of using a fresh water shrimp (caught in the River Murray in Australia), they are fun to catch in a shrimp net and you can catch carp and other species of fish such as Callop (Perch). Consider using artificial baits on at least one of your fishing rods, they often produce great resuts and you do not have to worry about whether you have lost your bait and rebaiting your line. This terrific article I found explains the advantages of using artifical bait.


  1. Try surface fishing – Carp like to feed in shallow water and towards the top of the water as the weather starts to warm up. So in warm weather try carp fishing with a float or if you are adventurous you make like to catch carp using an artifical fly on the surface of the water. Fishing is all about trying different things so next time you go fishing it is a good idea to try fishing one rod targeting the bottom of the lake or river and the other rod you can use to fish the surface. Plus surface fishing is an interesting way to catch carp using a different method.


Each time you go fishing for carp try to vary one technique on each of your rods so you can isolate what one element is reaping good rewards. If you change multiple aspects of your angling on each rod it will be very difficult to say with confidence which technique is catching you more carp. Then you can start to learn your top carp fishing tips and techniques and refine your approach.

There are hundreds of tips for catching carp, please share your top tips and this article can be a great sourece for anyone who wants to catch more carp.


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