Epic Fishing Videos Competition

We are giving away a FREE copy of one of our Epic Fishing Tours eBooks for the best fishing video. Also the winner will also receive a 200 cash prize. The second best video will receive a copy of one of our eBooks and €50.

The competition closes on the 1st of November, 2015, the winner will be announced by the 5th of November.

To enter the competition please sign up to our newsletter and follow the steps below. The winner and runner up will be announced via our newsletter.

Submit Fishing Videos:

  • You can submit a maximum of three fishing videos
  • Videos can be a maximum of 15 minutes and no more than 2 gigabytes of data. Ideally your videos will be HD and roughly 5 minutes long.
  • The most entertaining and informative fishing video will win the competition.
  • Your video does not need to be a professional fishing video.
  • Any verbal communication within the videos must be in English.
  • Must be unique and not already appear on the internet.
  • Please send your fishing videos via WeTransfer.com, to the email address: 2015-02-09_090101
  • Please include your name, email address and a short spiel about your video.
  • We transfer allow you to send up to 2 gigs in one transfer.

Videos may be published to our Epic Fishing Tours You Tube channel and our fishing videos gallery.

Epic Fishing Pictures Competition

We will be giving away one our fishing holiday guide eBooks and €50 for the best fishing photo. The competition closes on the 1st of October, 2015, the winner will be announced by the 5th of October 2015.

  • We are looking for unique, original, high quality fishing photos which have not already been published to the internet.
  • Photos may be published to our fishing pictures gallery.
  • Fill in the form below to submit one photo and a short description about the photo: