• It’s very tempting to take all your kit on every trip. If you must take it all, leave some of it in the car unless you know you will use it straight away. Don’t waste valuable fishing time carting tons of kit back and forth to the car park. You can always go back if you need something.
  • Sometimes it is best to fish with basic gear and it can be more rewarding when you catch that big carp.
  • I think bait alarms are great for night fishing, however I like the old school technique of fishing with a peg on your line to monitor bites. Or even simply watching for the movement of the line when you get a bite.
  • Having loads of fishing gear on a fishing trip can be awesome, but also think about the gear which will make your fishing comfortable. Having a good fishing chair is essential in my opinion. Plus a comfortable mattress to help ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • The reality is that often it is not possible to always bring your all of your fishing gear. Often you are fishing with your mates and in my case I also like to go fishing with my dog.
  • I get more pleasure fishing with my friends and dog than having my complete set of fishing gear. If there is not enough space in my car I would rather bring my friends along instead of some of my non-essential fishing gear.
  • Successful fishing is about planning so spend some time thinking about what you really need for an epic fishing trip.


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